Programming Schedule

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 6:00 am- Morning Light or Lifeline

 6:15 am- Hour of Decision (Billy Graham)

 7:00 am- Discover The Champion in you (Joel Osteen)

 8:00 am- Enjoy Everyday Living (Joyce Meyer)

 9:00 am- Changing the World (Creflo Dollar)

10:00 am- Kingdom Connection (Jentzen Frankliin)

11:00 am- Destined to Reign (Joseph Prince)

12:00 am- Hour of Decision/ Peace with God (Billy Graham)

  1:00 pm- Spotlight

  2:00 pm- Adventures in Odyssey

  3:00 pm- Kids Corner

  4:00 pm- Changing the World (Creflo Dollar)

  5:00 pm- Kingdom Connection (Jentzen Franklin)

  6:00 pm- Enjoy Everyday Living (Joyce Meyer)

  7:00 pm- Left Behind

  8:00 pm- Keys for Kids

  9:00 pm- Word Connection (Calvary Chapel)

10:00 pm- Jesse Duplantis

11:00 pm- Hour of Decision (Billy Graham)

12:00 am- Destined to Reign (Joseph Prince)

  1:00 am- Bible Drama

  2:00 am- Searchlight

  3:00 am- Discover the Champion in you (Joel Osteen) 

  4:00 am- Prayer of Salvation

  4:15 am- Soaking Playlist 

  5:00 am- Short Program

  5:15 am- Worship 



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Listen Live


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